I would like to thank you for your miraculous product. My little boy spent 6 months in the NICU and other pediatric units during the first year of his life.  He was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at 4 weeks of age and underwent a pylorotomy.  Two weeks after the pylorotomy, he began vomiting severely and 8 weeks later, we were forced to do a nissen fundoplication and G-tube placement.  He began to refuse the bottle and stopped eating all together.  Our speech therapist came across the Textured Spoon and he ate like a different child.  He was opening his mouth and utilizing his lips and tongue.  We are still working on different foods and textures, but attribute his eating to you and your wonderful product.

William is a 7 year old boy with a history of seizures.   He has a tendency to overstuff his mouth when eating and orally pocket food.  During a therapy session he was given a choice of a traditional spoon and the Textured Spoon.  He tried the familiar traditional spoon first which resulted in notable oral residue after the swallow.  He then tried the Textured Spoon and he independently turned the textured side of the spoon upside down and sideways in his mouth, which provided sensory stimulation to his palate and buccal cavity. Minimal oral residue after the swallow was observed.  He also finished his snack in a more timely manner than a traditional spoon.  At the next therapy session, he was given a choice of spoons once again.  William picked up the Textured Spoon and said, “I like the bumpy spoon better!”

Mary is a 3 year old who is primarily G-tube fed.  She has poor oral-motor organization and low tone.  After using the Textured Spoon I found that she had improved tongue cupping and was able to take consecutive bites more quickly.  The Textured Spoon seemed to increase her sensory awareness during eating and improve the overall quality of spoon-feeding.

LifteR Testimonial

Thank you so much.  You have helped me so much.  How helpful it proved to be to a 5th grader who spent 4 years, 2x weekly, trying to produce a nice r.  After one time, she just looked at me, and said, "Oh!".  She was dismissed from Speech that month......4 years!

I don't expect those results with each child, but once they feel it, it is at least more possible.
Anyway, thanks again!

 LifteR Testimonial

I have had such great luck with that LifteR that I emailed all the SLP’s in my district and with your website, so hopefully you’ll get some business out of it. I work for a center privately one day a week after school, and she ordered it and was ecstatic that her student used it the first time and got an R! IT’s a miracle break through as far as I’m concerned.

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