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The Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder is an innovative new system that controls the flow of nutrition equal to the feeding capabilities of the individual baby.  By catering to the needs of the individual baby, the Controlled Flow® Baby Feeder helps them develop the skills needed to successfully oral feed.

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Key Attributes

• Successfully transition babies from non-oral to oral feeds.

• Controls flow of nutrition utilizing six, easy to adjust, settings beginning with a “zero” flow for non-nutritive sucking; and gradually increases in levels 1-5.

• Introduces nutrition at a very slow rate to stimulate esophageal motility and to condition the sensory system as the baby begins to associate taste with appetite satiation.

• Allows caregiver to increase or decrease flow based on cues provided by the baby during feeding.

• Reduces the risk of aspiration while the baby learns to coordinate a timely suck, swallow, breathe sequence.

• Alleviates need to remove the nipple from the baby's mouth when transitioning from non-nutritive to nutritive sucking, reducing the risk for disorganized feeding states.

• Controlled flow allows various caregivers to provide consistent feedings.

• Enables babies of different ages or medical circumstances to begin feeding at levels appropriate to their needs.

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