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The Tongue LifteR is a tool to be used by a speech-language pathologist to assist clients with correct tongue placement for accurate production of the /r/ sound.

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  • Designed to position the tongue for accurate /r/ sound production
  • Contoured cradle fully supports and lifts the tongue
  • Angled handle for optimal lift and control
  • More accurate than a tongue depressor – Save hours of therapy!
  • Available in three colors – Green, Blue and Red

This product is made of FDA approved materials and colors and is LATEX FREE.

U.S. Patent # 6632095

Product Use:

  • Each LifteR should be used on only one individual. The LifteR should be cleaned before and after use by washing with soap & water.
  • Do not expose the LifteR to high heat or harsh chemicals.
  • Inspect before and after each use. Replace, if there are scratches or other signs of damage.

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Dimensions: Length: 6”; Width of contour that is placed under the tongue: 1.25”

2 reviews for Tongue LifteR

  1. Guest (verified owner)

    Thank you so much. How helpful it proved to be to a 5th grader who spent 4 years, 2x weekly, trying to produce a nice r. After one time, she just looked at me, and said, “Oh!”. She was dismissed from Speech that month……4 years! I don’t expect those results with each child, but once they feel it, it is at least more possible.

  2. Guest

    The tongue lifteR is an amazing product!! With this tool I was able to finally get my therapy kids to understand where to place their tongues for the correct R production! They love to use it and it really does work! It also works for eliciting K,G productions. I strongly recommend this product!!

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