Large Textured Spoon


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  • Textured Bottom – Provides oral-sensory stimulation along with feeding to assist with the transition from smooth to textured foods.
  • Dimensions of the Large Textured Spoon is equivalent to a traditional teaspoon, however, the bowl is shallow.
  • The Large Textured Spoon is silver which provides use of the product in school, restaurants or in home settings to resemble conventional utensils.

Johnson Therapeutic’s Textured Spoon has won the Most Valuable Product from Therapy Times.

Certified to be Latex Free / Phthalate & Lead-Free and is made of FDA approved colors and materials.

Product Use:

  • Designed to provide oral sensory stimulation during feeding.
  • Hand wash product with dish soap & water before & after each use. Not recommended for dishwasher.
  • Only one individual should use each product.
  • Inspect before and after each use.
  • Replace product if there are scratches or other signs of damage.
  • Use with adult supervision.

Made in the USA Patent No Des. D523,299

DISCLAIMER: This product is made of plastic material which has passed required safety standards for its intended use as a spoon. It is NOT an oral-motor tool to be used for teething or biting.

Dimensions: Length: 6”; Width of the bowl: 1.25 “ which is the width of a traditional teaspoon utensil.


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