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  • Textured Bottom – Provides oral-sensory stimulation along with feeding.
  • Shallow Bowl – Provides decreased bolus size.
  • Small Textured Spoon is available in three child-friendly colors – orange, purple and teal, however, use is not limited to children. The Small Textured Spoon is appropriate for adult requiring limited bolus size.

Johnson Therapeutic’s Textured Spoon has won the Most Valuable Product from Therapy Times.

The Textured Spoon is certified to be Latex Free / Phthalate & Lead-Free and is made of FDA approved colors and materials.

Product Use:

  • Designed to provide oral sensory stimulation during feeding.
  • Hand wash product with dish soap & water before & after each use. Not recommended for dishwasher.
  • Only one individual should use each product.
  • Inspect before and after each use.
  • Replace product if there are scratches or other signs of damage.
  • Use with adult supervision.

Made in the USA Patent No Des. D523,299

DISCLAIMER: This product is made of plastic material which has passed required safety standards for its intended use as a spoon. It is NOT an oral-motor tool to be used for teething or biting.

Dimensions: All colors of the Small Textured Spoon are equivalent in size.  Length: 6”; just under 1” or (2.3 mm)

2 reviews for Small Textured Spoon

  1. Guest

    I would like to thank you for your miraculous product. My little boy spent 6 months in the NICU and other pediatric units during the first year of his life. He was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at 4 weeks of age and underwent a pylorotomy. Two weeks after the pylorotomy, he began vomiting severely and 8 weeks later, we were forced to do a nissen fundoplication and G-tube placement. He began to refuse the bottle and stopped eating all together. Our speech therapist came across the Textured Spoon and he ate like a different child. He was opening his mouth and utilizing his lips and tongue. We are still working on different foods and textures, but attribute his eating to you and your wonderful product.

  2. Guest

    Mary is a 3 year old who is primarily G-tube fed. She has poor oral-motor organization and low tone. After using the Textured Spoon I found that she had improved tongue cupping and was able to take consecutive bites more quickly. The Textured Spoon seemed to increase her sensory awareness during eating and improve the overall quality of spoon-feeding.

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